When I get a sandwich at Subway I like to get a 6 inch roast beef on wheat with cucumber, extra tomatoes, bell peppers, and red onions.  It’s filling and yummy and 330 calories.

Yesterday I had lunch with KB at . . . Chickfila. . . and we ordered one of their new desserts, a chocolate chip chunk cookie.  As she and I split the cookie and took our first bites, I looked on the back of the tray liner and saw nutritional values were listed.  The cookie? 330 calories!


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2 Responses to 330

  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh, Becky. I should have told you not to ever look at the nutrition info for Chick-Fil-A. I did it about a month ago, and it was so, so sad. Even the grilled sandwich is horrible!!!! Ugh. I couldn’t bring myself to eat there for at least…one week. But now I will say that it zapped a little of the good feeling of Chick-Fil-A for me. I guess in time, I’ll try to forget 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    “CHick-fil-a…….I could eat you seven times a day……” Tim Hawkins!


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