Luv is in the Air

We went to see my extended family for four days and were reminded of just how deeply we love them.  That’s enough about that for now – it’s a post for another day.  Today I am sharing about Valentines Day and the luv that was shared at three schools, in four classrooms, by three super kiddos.

Sportin’ their Vday attire.

KB was the kiddo with two classes this year.  She has a class of 8 in Mother’s Morning Out and then a class of 10 in preschool.  I used a Pinterest idea (link on Pinterest page) and did what I do best: tweaked it.  We had a gazillion DumDum Pops for some reason and so, instead of purchasing M&Ms for little bags to attach to shovels, we just used a bouquet of lollipops.  The shovels went to one class, the pails went to the other.

KB designed the card for the pails and even signed them.  Good times.

Bubba has been on a bit of Star Wars kick since every little boy in his class talks about it incessantly.  When it came time to make his valentines, I had to think of how to combine Star Wars and the pencil sharpeners I made the inlaws help me get during school supply sales last summer.  With more inspiration from Pinterest and kisses from Christmas clearance, here’s what I came up with:

And then there was Little.  There are only 7 kiddos in her class but 18 in the school and they party together like a family, so she needed 18 valentines.  Simple and Sweet.

Teachers got a picture in a frame.  I created the photo and the frames were from the Dollar Stop (mini Dollar Tree).

So the tally goes like this:

3 kids

4 classrooms

7 teachers

61 valentines

And I know that Valentines Day is over but as the world turns so are the holidays of our lives; meaning it will be back in 360 days.  So I have uploaded the print for your own enjoyment.  Go HERE to download the 8×10 and HERE for a 5×7.  (Don’t you feel loved!)

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3 Responses to Luv is in the Air

  1. zellner says:

    so cute! As always!

  2. monica says:

    I cross stitched the Love selection before Scott and I got married and have it in our guestroom still. Remember cross stitching? 😛 Love you! Mo

  3. My boys LOVED their “balentimes” from your girls, Becky! M. spent the his afternoon digging up holes in the backyard with his shovel today!


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