Book Lists – Looking Back/Looking Forward

In March of last year I finally got around to writing out a book list for the year.  By then I had already finished two or three books and felt all confident about the year ahead.  See, I am a really good starter.  I come up with great ideas and I can be pretty creative, but I am not really a strong finisher.  I need accountability and helping hands to keep me on track and moving forward.  Let’s see how I did last year. . .

If you were here last March, you may remember I chose five areas of life I want to focus on when picking books to read:
Special Needs (S)
Parenting (P)
Marriage (M)
Theology (T)
Daily Living – Practical (L)

Then I listed three books for each category and a few extras to fill in along the way.  Okay, here’s how the list turned out:
S – Unlocked
Smokin’ Seventeen
The Help
Breaking Dawn
T – Through His Eyes
L – Shopping for Time
L – 1.  Total Money Makeover (2/3)
T – 2.  Disappointment with God (2/3)
L – 3.  1000 Gifts (1/2)
P – 4.  Intentional Parenting
P – 5.  Bringing the Gospel to Covenant Children
P – 6.  You Can’t Make Me
L – 7.  Between Walden and the Whirlwind
T – 8.  Prodigal God
T – 9.  Almost Christian
T – 10.  Respectable Sins
S – 11.  Same Lake Different Boat
S – 12.  Our Special Needs Child
S – 13.  Expressing Faith in Jesus – Church Membership for People with Cognitive Impairments
M – 14. Love and Respect
M – 15.  The Respect Dare
M – 16.  Love that Lasts – when sinners say I Do

What a sad sad state of affairs.  It’s almost enough to cause one to shrink away from making a list for 2012.  Thing is. . . I need a place to put my thoughts so I can go and look when I am thinking, “What should I read next?” (Yes, Honey, I DO think that sometimes.)

There’s a stack of books in front of me now and several of them will go on my list.  I am NOT going to categorize them or be all fancy.  I am just going to write them down and maybe in a month or so you could shout out in a comment or on Facebook and ask me what I’m reading and if I am being faithful.  YOU could be accountability and a helping hand to keep me on track.

Let’s see. .
1.  Simplify – Joshua Becker
2.  Inside-Out Simplicity – Joshua Becker
3.  Organized Simplicity – Tsh Oxenreider
4. Simple Ways to be More With Less – Courtney Carver
5.  1000 Gifts (gotta finish this!!) – Ann Voskamp
6.  Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment – Jeremiah Burroughs
7.  Expressing Faith in Jesus – Ron Vredeveld (If I can find a copy – out of print)
8.  Give Them Grace – Elyse Fitzpatrick & Jessica Thompson
9.  Meaning of Marriage – Tim Keller
10.  Washed and Waiting – Wesley Hill
11.  Explosive Eighteen – Janet Evanovich
12.  Heat Wave – Richard Castle
13.  Naked Heat – Richard Castle
14. Heat Rises – Richard Castle
15.  Women Food and God – An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything – Geneen Roth

Okay, so it’s ambitious! Last year I read seven books and this year I make a list with more than double that.  I am aiming high people.  “Aim for nothing and you’ll hit it every time,” right? I am halfway through 1000 Gifts, ten pages left in Simplicity, and have to have a chapter in Keller’s book done by Wednesday.

What about you? What are YOU reading in 2012?

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6 Responses to Book Lists – Looking Back/Looking Forward

  1. Memom says:

    I think you should first read “You Can’t Make Me” and “Give Them Grace” and report back on the books for the moms of a strongwilled child. Wish they’d been available when I had you.

  2. Amy Jones says:

    Let me just say I’m so very proud of you for reading at least one of these books! Since we love Castle in our house (thanks to you actually) I’m tempted to read his books ASAP, But when I Read good fiction the laundry piles up and my family eats lots of fast food. It’s so worth it though ;-), I too am taking the slow track with 1000 gifts, not that it’s not a great book but I get so distracted. Our small group is reading Practical Sins. It’s good and a pretty “easy” read but if you want to get anything out of it it also should be read slowly and prayerfully. It’s so good to keep up with you.

  3. alisha says:

    thanks for posting your book list. I took a few from last year and I am sure I will again.

  4. Melissa says:

    I read the Castle books recently and found it hard to go to go sleep at a reasonable time. Page turners, for sure.

  5. I started Women Food and God in 2011 – a chapter at a time. I will give a good ole “college try” again this year – I was doing the notes at the end of each chapter.
    I much prefer fiction which is why something serious and improving rarely gets finished….must change that!
    Currently reading Governor George Wallace: The Man You Do Not know by the son who knew him best (forgive the lack of caps), George Jr. He graduated a year behind me from Lanier and his sister a year before. It is readily taking me back in time.

    Become my friend on Goodreads and I will encourage you!
    Love you.

  6. kirby says:

    Becky – i, too, have to make a list, whether i stick to it or just fall way way short. need it for reference and so i don’t get too too far “off track.” the trick is not to let it “control” (read, give me something else to feel GUILTY about!)….any advice there?! 😉
    ok, SO, Give Them Grace is at the top o’ my list, too! was in my stocking (from me.) & i’m just getting started. wanna read it “together”?


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