October Blitz

So much happens around here in October! This week is going to be a bloggin’ blitz as I throw pumpkins and Promise at you, along with Halloween and humor.  Make sure you are sitting down, your seat belt is fastened, and arms/legs are in the vehicle at all times.  Let’s go…

First things first. . . Honey and I went to see Steven Curtis Chapman in early October.  We sat in a room full of middle aged folks who all grew up loving SC2 and watched him sing along with Andrew Peterson (so great) and Josh Wilson (loved him).
 It was an interesting show.  To watch SC2 playing back-up for two newbies was so very encouraging.  It was like watching discipleship in an arena I’m not used to.  I sat with a piece of paper in my hand and took notes on all the things that struck me.  My brother would love to go to an Andrew Peterson concert and so I wanted to remember everything so I could share it with him.

I’ll tell you all about it as soon as I find my piece of paper.

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