We have a new sitter that we love.  Problem is that EVERYONE loves Margaret Lee, so we have to plan ahead to get her.  She is worth planning ahead, I tell you.  Little literally claps her hands when she hears ML is coming.

Last time she came, she listened to the instructions for the night, grabbed up the kids’ dinner and a blanket and headed outside.  We waved goodbye to this sight as we left for dinner.  (She’s telling them a story while they eat.  A story she is making up while they eat.)  Love us some MLW!

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2 Responses to MLW

  1. Debbie Ertel says:

    That IS a great babysitter! I need to show my girls this and hope that one day they will BE that kind of sitter!

  2. MargaretLee Wilkins says:

    Oh. My. GOSH! I cannot believe I got such a sweet shout-out on your fam’s blog! What an encouragement to me this morning! I love you guys too, gosh–so much. In fact, please ask me to stay with the kids soon before I start having physical symptoms of withdrawal. I love them so much. They are candid (so flippin candid), loving, and hilarious. I love your family so so soey much! Thank you for trusting me with them, Becky. Love yall.


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