So Sew

At the end of July a bunch of friends got together to sew.  Michelle is quite the seamstress and so she gets the group together and then she helps with questions that may arise, etc.   This particular month the gals decided to work on the same project: reusable snack bags.  I couldn’t go because of visiting in-laws BUT I decided to sew at home while they were sewing across town. Not bad!!

The little purple bag was made specifically to go in KB’s new school bag.  Now my little girly girl can be super matchy and cute.

And the girls start school in six days.  Smile

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1 Response to So Sew

  1. Kitty says:

    1. How did I miss this post??!?
    2. How did I miss that Michelle not only knows how to sew but is good at it???!?
    Ugh. I'm out of touch.


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