Pool Pal

My friend Julie is wonderful.  My friend Julie has difficulties of her own but is just so darn giving.  She is a friend; a dear friend.
A little while ago Julie threw out the idea of taking my kids to the pool – one at a time.  She thought it would be fun to have a little one at the pool again and I thought it would be fun too *wink*.  The Saturday after Little and Bubba had camp, KB got to be first to go with Puff (Julie’s last name is Hough but they call her Puff) to the super grand pool.  
Okay, seriously, isn’t she just gorgeous? What is WITH THAT??

And then there is this piece of sweetness who rushed in to the house telling me about the bucket of water that filled up and dumped on her head, and, and, and . . .

Bubba was lucky swimmer number two.  He went after dinner and, as you read earlier, closed down the pool with Puff.  Apparently they went on the lazy river and pretended they were going to Hawaii.  He loves to tell that story.

Again with the gorgeous – show off.

Little is going swimming this Sunday.  She keeps telling her Grandma and Grandpa about it.  It goes something like this, “You are staying all week with us.  You are going to stay until Friday.  Then on Sunday Mrs. Hough is going to take me swimming at her pool.”

I can’t tell if she is holding on to every moment with her grandparents OR if she is counting down for them to leave because that means she is just days away from swimming with Puff.  Any way you want to look at it, Julie comes out as an angel.  I am so very very thankful to call her friend.

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