He Speaks

Bubba has really raised the bar on his speech patterns over the past couple weeks.  I don’t know if it is all the family that has been in town (my parents in early July and Honey’s parents this week) or something else, but he is talking MORE and saying the darnedest things.

1.  A friend took Bubs swimming at her pool and they stayed until the pool closed at 8:00 PM.  During the return trip home Honey noticed that Bubba was really concerned about the pool closing and mentioned it over and over.  Still, my husband is a rock star and turned the conversation to the plan for when they reached the house.  After explaining what would be required of Bubba when he got out of the van Honey asked, “Do you have any questions, Bub?”  Bubba replied (in his trademark monotone), “Yes, Dad, I do have questions.  Number one question is: How can we resist the pool closing?”    H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S.

2.  I was getting ready to empty the dishwasher and was going to give the kids an opportunity to add buttons to their jars.  I walked over to Bubs and said, “Bubba, I am about to empty the dishwasher.  Would you like to help and earn some extra buttons?”  My son, who had been on a button earning spree, did not even look up from what he was doing and said, “No, Mom. I have 32 buttons and I am going to get $2 (Memom is matching their earnings dollar for dollar). I don’t really need any more buttons right now.”  Cocky.

3.  Last night Honey put Bubs to bed.  He told the little man that he loved him.  Bubs said, “I love you too, Dad.”  Honey turned to leave the room and Bubba said, “Hey, Dad, I have some news.  My news is this: I had a good day this morning.”  Nice.

4.  Tonight I went in to put my little man to bed.  He was so tired he could barely keep his eyes open.  This week has been busy with my in-laws being around and I don’t feel like Bubba and I have seen much of each other.  I leaned over the bed and kissed his head.  As he reached up to twirl my hair he spoke through a yawn and said, “Mom, I enjoy being together with you.” Ditto.

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3 Responses to He Speaks

  1. Julia says:

    I cannot wait to see Bubba and how much he has changed!

  2. ~Mad says:

    Okay – a little teary!
    Love you,

  3. So adorable. I think my favorite part is the set up of the delivery. He prefaces everything and I think it's so structurally perfect and obviously expected!!


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