Meaningful Mania

You were probably expecting an Amish update, but that will have to wait.  I want to get this typed out before I forget it.   Last week was Vacation Bible School week and the first year for all three kiddos to attend.  They each had a blast and  I am always amazed and thrilled at my children’s response to VBS.  

The “theme” (for lack of a better word) was Pandamania and the church was decorated in all things Asian.  Boomer, the panda, and his friends taught the children four different Bible points over four days (I’m not sure why it isn’t five) and the points are reinforced through music, Bible stories, videos, etc.  Throughout the days, when the kiddos would hear someone say a Bible point, they would pump their hands in the air and say, “Thank You God!”.   It was a popular VBS choice this year (kit put out by Group) because the Presbyterian churches between Baltimore and Lancaster were all doing the same thing, as well as my friend’s church in Rock Hill, SC.

As a parent I am always curious about how much of what is taught to my children actually sinks in and is “caught”.  In the past I would say it is because they are special and so I am not sure they are getting everything but with KB joining their ranks in VBS and Children’s worship, I am seeing that it’s just a normal parental response for any kiddo.  So you can imagine my joy as each day I heard a report about what the kids had done and learned.  You could see why I would play the VBS CD in the car over and over again just to hear all THREE of them singing “How Great Thou Art”.  And then, Tuesday night, all that mania took on real to life meaning.

The Lord was sweet to let me sleep through my first nights home uninterrupted.  Then, Tuesday night I was awakened at 3:00 AM by a repetitive pat on my tummy.  I jerked awake to find Bubba standing by my bed.  He announced that KB was awake in her room and he doesn’t like purple balloons. (?)  So I took him to the potty and back to bed before going in to find out what was up with KB.

Her light was on and she was laying in her bed with two books wide open.  When I went to tuck her back in she told me that she had a bad dream (another family first) and she didn’t want to be in the dark.  I reminded her that there was a nightlight for just such a time as this and then prayed for her.  When I prayed I thanked the Lord that He was with KB and would never leave her or forsake her.  After my “amen” I kissed her head and turned to go.

I had barely made two steps when KB said, “Mom?”
I turned to her and she said, “God watches over me.  Thank you, GOD!” (she pumped her hands in the air as she said that last bit.)

Yep – that’s Bible Point #3.  That’s me watching my daughter internalize Truth and work out it’s application.  It was super wonderful.

Even at 3:00AM.

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3 Responses to Meaningful Mania

  1. Graham says:

    Awesome post! Why VBS is 4 days at the Kirk: after years of doing back yard Bible studies the Kirk went back to the traditional VBS 6 years ago. The director at that time came from a church in Tallahassee that did it that way. It allows the volunteers to set up on Monday (so no one has to come in on Sunday after church). We have kept it this way b/c our VBS is the week after Father's Day and we can't imagine that people would miss Father's day to come and decorate the church for VBS. It would be hard to switch weeks due to our co-op, youth group trips, and GA. Each year I ask the directors if they would like to change it and so far they have said no thanks :). So there you have it! The history behind the 4 day VBS.

  2. Melanie Z. says:

    To add to your list…we did PandaMania, too! Just wrapped it up today, actually. Lots of fun!


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