Of Plagues and Science and the Month of May

They are almost gone now, but for the past four weeks we have been experiencing the onslaught of the  cicadas.  Our hometown has been reminiscent of early Egypt and it has been both disgusting and fascinating, I must say.  Our yard is covered in holes that show where the bugs crawled up from their homes of 13 years.
The trees have been covered with them as they are singing and clicking to attract a mate.
That song I mentioned? It’s no sweet melody that acts as background music while you sleep – NO.  Check this quote that I read in the Missourian

“In places where there are older, well-established trees, you could get up to 85 decibels,” Kritsky said. “To put that in perspective, when a jet is flying overhead that is usually between 60 and 70 decibels.”   Gene Kritsky, editor-in-chief of American Entomologist

FYI – Our yard is filled with old and well-established trees.  It’s been deafening at times here.

They give Bubba the willies but KB has not been afraid.  One day at the park she followed her new “friends” around for ages.

AND picked them up and carried them around to show other children on the playground.

Now they cover the ground instead of trees.  They are dying off and the next generation will be burrowing down in the ground to find sap to eat.  I can hear a plane flying over as I type this.  It’s sweet music.

It really has been an educational opportunity.  We sat as a family and watched a couple youtube videos on the life cycle of the cicada.  Here’s our favorite (you’ll have to click through to watch it, but it is worth your time!):

A friend of mine from college, living in Georgia, wrote this funny little piece on the phenomenon.  It’s a pleasant little read as well.

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2 Responses to Of Plagues and Science and the Month of May

  1. Anonymous says:

    We have already lost all of ours two months ago. There were some women that took the wings dipped them in varnish and made earrings.

  2. Alicia says:

    About 14 years ago, st. louis had another cicada onslaught.

    I didn't mind the bugs that much, but I did mind all of the bug parts being tracked into my house. The birds would gorge themselves and leave the wings and legs along the entrance to my door. Ewwww…


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