It’s My Party

 So I told you here about how my sweet friend, April, came to me weeks ago and asked what I would want to do for my birthday if I could do anything.  Well, we had the luncheon/birthday party last weekend and it was a delight.  Twelve women, all from different parts of my life in this city, came together and it was a blast.  (Sadly, not everyone could come.)  It was like a wedding shower without the formality.

It was super fun introducing them to each other and talking about how I know them, etc.  It went something like this:
  • Shelley worked with me the first two years we lived here (she now “runs” the place).  
  • Nicole lived a couple houses down all through seminary. 
  • Pat has been a mentor and friend.
  • Ellen’s husband delivered all my children and she is such a super model of how to raise them.
  • Janet and Cindy have both been dear friends who have helped with my kiddos and helped ME as I adjusted to this life God has called me to.  (Cindy has a son with special needs too and she has been an unbelievable encouragement.)
  • Michelle is a scrapbooking buddy.
  • Rebecca moved here from Birmingham too and every time we talk we find another commonality – whether it be people we both know, shoe brands we love from home, or sins to confess.
  • Julie is my organizer friend (that’s how most of you know her) who understands my life better than anyone else and well, no matter what’s up over here, she just gets it.
  • Coralie has lived here almost a year but I feel like I have known her forever.  She and her husband are students at the seminary and a mutual friend introduced us.  (I started to type more but was gushing so I erased it.)
  • Okay, in the hot pink is my friend Jawan.  I met Jawan when I worked at Berry College with Campus Outreach – she and several of her high school friends came to visit a girl on campus and I met her then.  (I think Claire might have been graduating?)  Anyway, years later Jawan married one of my best friends in college.  Now she’s stuck with me ’cause we are friends too.  She lives in Georgia but just happened to be visiting Coralie that week (she’s the mutual friend who introduced us) and she was able to come celebrate another decade with me (she was at my surprise 30th too)! I wish she lived closer ’cause I could spend hours talking, laughing, crafting, etc. with her.
  • Then there is April who I have known for SO MANY years and Jean, the women’s ministry director at our church and a dear, dear friend.  Jean hosted the party at her house and made the food.  April ran the show and took pictures, making sure to get everyone in one because she knew it would be important to me. 

Now, don’t you feel like you were there? 
 Am I blessed or what?
Ooh, and I made little favors for the friends.  

Little fabric bookmarks to show I love them.  Of course I added a touch of cutesy. . .
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6 Responses to It’s My Party

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are!! MM

  2. zellner says:

    I LOVE seeing all those awesome women. You are surrounded by some wonderful ladies and sweet encouragers. But obviously they have discovered that you are amazing too because they wanted to celebrate you and show you how much you are loved and appreciated! Hope it was a great day for you!

  3. Debbie says:

    Parties with good friends are the best! Wish I lived close enough to party with you :).

  4. April Barber says:

    I am blessed to call you friend. Love you.

  5. Julia says:

    I enjoyed reading this post but I relly wanted to be ther to help my friend celebrate the next great volume of her life.


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