Bits and Pieces

Life around here has been busy.  A different kind of busy, mind you.  My time on the Women’s Council is done and so I am not running to meetings or planning events.  My time is now filled with sewing summer pajamas, doing puzzles, playing with the dollhouse, reading books, trying to find shoes that fit my weed of a three year old, etc.  You get my drift.  Here are a few other things I’ve been doing: is one of those deal sites and a couple months ago they had this deal with PhotoBin.  Basically you mail them your printed photos and they will scan them all and send them back to you with the digitals on cd.  I jumped at this deal because I have a Creative Memories sort box filled with photos from Honey’s summer in Thailand and years of living in China.  A quick reality check helped me come to grips with the truth that a traditional scrapbook would not EVER be done of these photos BUT a digital book is a real possibility. So, I received my supplies at the beginning of April and have received word that everything is on it’s way back to me.  Happy Times!
It has become a daily routine to eat a “picpic” lunch and watch “Martha Speaks” on PBS.  These are the tables the kids use.  It’s really pretty adorable.

Ever since Christian did the photos for Little’s room, Little has been asking about when she can work on her computer with the apple on it.  (Steve Jobs would be so happy)  Last week Honey came home with a twinkle in his eye and here’s what happened next. . .

 See this dress? I remember when Little wore it (she was almost five, mind you) and I thought it was so huge. It really was too big for her the first couple times Little wore it and then the seasons changed and she never got a second chance with it.  So, when I pulled it out of the 4T box and held it up to check it out, I was surprised by how small it seemed.  I was shocked that it fit my three year old (she is tall and she tells me so every day).  
This is just a picture of my baby taking a nap.  The changes in the weather have really done a number on her allergies and she has put herself to bed several times over the past couple weeks.  The other day I went in to get her up and decided I needed a tangible way to remember such a precious site.  
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3 Responses to Bits and Pieces

  1. April Barber says:

    I want to hear about PhotoBin after you get everything back. WOW!

  2. zellner says:

    i LOVE sleeping children pictures. they are so peaceful and sweet at this time 🙂

  3. Debbie says:

    Always lots going on at your house. Thanks for sharing about PhotoBin. I want to do something with my old photos/negatives. I just need to decide and DO it!


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