Our Weekend

Little’s teacher and I have this plan for communication: there is a notebook and we write in it each day.  I tell her what Little did at home (so she can help prompt Little for writing assignments and more) and she tells me what Little does during the day so I can ask the right questions and have some clue about the daily activities.  It’s a good system.  I am thankful for Ms. Phelan’s care for us.
Monday I sent a note that said, “We had a very quiet weekend.”  I am not sure what drug I was slipped that made me say THAT! Now that I see these pictures in this post I realize we had a full and crazy weekend.
Honey got back late Thursday night and met the kids Friday morning with goodies from the conference in Chicago.  (It was mismatch day at Little’s school – it’s not that she just took fashion lessons from her little sister!)

He brought each one of them a book by RC Sproul.  
RC has written four children’s books and Honey picked one for each child.
KB’s is about little fairy creatures called “Lightlings”.  She clasped her hands and squealed when she saw it.
Saturday there was a high of 40 degrees and . . . we had a yard sale.  That’s right! I joined my friends Rebecca and Julie at 6:00AM Saturday morning to set up for a 7:00AM start.  
It was drizzling and cold but we had a steady stream of people (there were probably no other yard sales in town) and each of us made plenty of money.  At noon we boxed up the little that was left and headed to Good will.  God was good (and helpful) and my basement looks amazing (a.k.a. empty)!!

I had just enough time to get home and suck down some lunch before jumping back into the van and taking the girls for haircuts.  Our Kristy was off and so Anna cut their hair.  Anna enjoyed the opportunity to play with their hair and put curls in their tresses.

Little was ecstatic.  If she knew the words I feel certain she would have danced around the salon singing, “I feel pretty.”  Alas, she doesn’t know the words. . .

We got home in time to set the table for friends to come for dinner.  No pictures of that part of the day but let’s just say that the Luthin boys met their match in the Blue Hutch kids.  KB matched them decibel for decibel in screaming and Bubba matched them bit for bit in silliness.  The adults laughed A LOT.  A good time was had by all.  I am just so thankful we were able to have them in our home before Billy deploys next week. We look forward to more times together in the future.

Then there was Sunday.  We had to be at church at 7:30AM so the kiddos could get into their robes and grab their palm branches for the early service.

Bubba sang every word, did every motion, and was actually loud enough that we could hear him on the sixth row! We were proud/thankful parents, I tell you.
And then there was Little:

Little also sang every word.  The main difference was that she got distracted by a hang nail during the second sentence and she sang every word, from that point on, into her sleeve as she picked at her finger.  We were still proud/thankful parents.

That night there was a pot luck dinner and special service.  We had dinner with our church family but then headed home.  Little has proven she can make it through an entire service but we aren’t quite sure what to do with Bubs.  He does everything out loud and it doesn’t seem that he can really help it.  He reads out loud, talks as he writes, etc.   This is tough in a church environment.  I can’t help but wonder how this will play out. .

So, aren’t you tired just hearing about the weekend? Reliving it has pushed me over the edge of exhaustion and I am off to bed.  Tomorrow is another day – more craziness – more stories to tell.  Stay tuned!

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3 Responses to Our Weekend

  1. Debbie says:

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! We are on spring break and enjoying it quite a bit. Today it is off to watch Soul Surfer and then yogurt with friends. Tomorrow is the VA Creeper Trail (bike trail) and a quick visit to my old stomping grounds in Bristol. Should be fun :).

  2. Anonymous says:

    That must have been some micky finn they slipped you to tell that porkie to the teacher. I feel exhausted just reading about it. Have a lovely (and restful) Easter break and love to you and your family, from Aussie Helen

  3. annaj says:

    looks like you have a pentecostal son!


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