This week’s randoms. . .

1.  You know how the people of Walmart put things in the aisle to grab your attention and “remind” you of just how much you need something? Well, our Walmart has sunk to a new low.  In the aisle by the registers there is a stand filled with bananas.  Seriously.  Down by the clothing.  Worst part? I impulse bought bananas.  Actually, I “remembered” that Little loves bananas and so I picked some up.  Call me a sucker.

2.  They had a special themed day at Little’s school for the Cardinal’s opening day last week; everyone was to wear a jersey representing their favorite team.  I figured that there would be something in the Cardinals section of our local Walmart and that Little would be able to participate without too much of an expense.  There was only one size 7 shirt in the whole place.  It was about $10 more than I would have wanted to pay.  But I knew she would be adorable.

AND it had Pujols’ name on the back and, as Little says, “he has a child with a special brain like mine.”

Just call me a sucker.

3.  I’ve been wanting one of those 9 cubby shelf things for ages.  I just can’t bring myself to spend the money. Week before last an email went out that a woman had one to give away and I was the first to respond!! It is the perfect color of green for Little’s room and she loves it.  Now the bookshelf she had can go to Bubba and everyone has enough storage/shelves.  God is so good.

4.  There’s a baby shower for a friend of mine in a couple weeks and the hostess asked me for ideas.  I had seen this baby shower online and the theme was, “She’s about to pop!” Turns out it isn’t that new, I have just been off the new baby circuit for awhile.  Still, I thought it was adorable and Kitty and I wrote back and forth about all the cute things one can do with that theme.  It made me wish another friend would find out she is expecting so I could throw another shower.  I even looked on Etsy to see what cute POPcorn things were there.  You can buy recycled crayon popcorn! Seriously! It is so cute and looks so real! Go look! I want to buy some just because it’s adorable.

5.  I’ve spent more time on Facebook in the past two weeks than ever before.  I am learning that it’s quickly becoming the most efficient way to communicate with folks.  Funny thing is that Facebook is all about self esteem.  I have decided that self esteem is what motivated it’s creation and it’s what makes it successful.  You write something on your wall or post a link to something interesting and people write you.  Not just people in your immediate sphere either.  I wrote something to my brother the other day and a girl I went to college with and haven’t seen in . . .let’s just say many. . . years wrote me about it as did a guy from Berry College where I worked with a campus ministry after college.  Two completely different “spheres” of my life and they took time to talk to me and . . . my self esteem received a boost.  It is addictive.

6.  I had a bobby pin holding my bangs back the other day and I leaned over and stuck one in KB’s hair too. She pulled it right out.  I said, “You don’t want your bangs out of your eyes? Mommy has a bobby pin in.” My 14-year-old-trapped-in-a-three-year-old-body looked up at me and said, “Yeah, but Mommy it looks bad.” This from a girl who played outside two days ago dressed like this:

(Check out the babies on the shelf!)
And then the next day like this:
(I know it looks like my three year old is watching Glee but she isn’t.)

7.  KB is officially out of pull-ups!! Yes, even through the night!! That means we are left just buying pullups for one kid.  Sure it’s our oldest, but it’s only one.  I feel that the potty training process at the Blue Hutch has been a lot like sanctification.  Yes, it has been sanctifying but I am referring to the sanctification process – – small changes take a long time and sometimes it seems like nothing is moving BUT when there is a victory, it is HUGE and affects SO MANY AREAS OF LIFE.  Now there’s a metaphor no one was expecting!

8.  A sitter came today and fed the kids and bathed the kids and put them to bed while I went and sat in McDonalds for two hours and thought and journaled.  Seriously.   Then I went to Walmart to shop for my nieces (who live in the country where most of the stuff was made) and successfully avoided the strategically placed bananas but forgot milk.  I drove through the pharmacy and headed home with a smile on my face.  I almost hugged Marlice when I walked through the door.  I know I paid her so it may not feel like a ministry but she ministered to me by caring for my kids today.  I forget what it’s like to think.  I am pro thinking.  I likes it.

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5 Responses to This week’s randoms. . .

  1. Debbie says:

    Seems like its been a fun and happy week at your house. Glad your mom got to come. Just out of curiousity, how often do you go to Walmart??? :). (I'm there all the time myself!). Hope your weekend is great, too!

  2. Debbie says:

    Seems like its been a fun and happy week at your house. Glad your mom got to come. Just out of curiousity, how often do you go to Walmart??? :). (I'm there all the time myself!). Hope your weekend is great, too!

  3. Susie says:

    Time for me to delurk 🙂 Just wanted to say that I read your blog regularly and I love the glimpses into your life. You are entertaining and encouraging!

    -Susie (Poythress) Long

  4. I need to enter the realm of sitters. It's ot something I have ever been comfortable doing, but it sounds like it could be very relaxing to be able to let go like that, once in a while!

  5. annaj says:

    the pic of kb in front of the tv looks like a little version of you!


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