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I can’t find my camera battery charger.  I have prayed and asked the Lord to help me find it since He is obviously the ONLY one who knows where it is.

I can’t find my Bible.  I have another bigger ESV Bible but I hate to have lost my “thinline, easy to carry in my purse so I can hold multiple hands in the parking lot, brand new” Bible.  I have prayed and asked the Lord to help me find it since He is obviously the ONLY one who knows where it is.  It’s been months so I bought a new one.

I have misplaced a stack of McDonald’s coupon books.  I have prayed and asked the Lord to help me find it since He is obviously the ONLY one who knows where it is.

This all makes me sound VERY absent minded and irresponsible, but I would like to remind you of my ever-present go-to crutch: I have two special kids and a three year old and all of them take and move things.  Two of them are basically unable to tell me where they put what they take.  So, while I hope that my mental faculties are in tact and it’s my children’s fault I lose things, I thought I would play it safe and type my book list for 2011 right here where I’ll know where to find it.

I started out the year so well that I decided to really set a goal for myself.  In the past I have aimed for two books per month and have ended up reading two books.  Period.  This year I am taking a different approach.

I listed out areas of life I want to focus on and came up with five:
Special Needs (S)
Parenting (P)
Marriage (M)
Theology (T)
Daily Living – Practical (L)

Then I listed three books for each category and a few extras to fill in along the way.  Okay, the list:
S – Unlocked
T – Through His Eyes
L – Shopping for Time
L – 1.  Total Money Makeover
T – 2.  Disappointment with God
L – 3.  1000 Gifts
P – 4.  Intentional Parenting
P – 5.  Bringing the Gospel to Covenant Children
P – 6.  You Can’t Make Me
L – 7.  Between Walden and the Whirlwind
T – 8.  Prodigal God
T – 9.  Almost Christian
T – 10.  Respectable Sins
S – 11.  Same Lake Different Boat
S – 12.  Our Special Needs Child
S – 13.  Expressing Faith in Jesus – Church Membership for People with Cognitive Impairments
M – 14. Love and Respect
M – 15.  The Respect Dare
M – 16.  Love that Lasts – when sinners say I Do

If I stick to reading at least 15 minutes per day I should be able to finish a few.  I’ll keep you posted.

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9 Responses to Book List

  1. Debbie says:

    Are the 1st 3 on the list ones you have already been able to read? I think you have a great list! I have an on-going list of books to work through, too, including Respectable Sins, Bringing Up Girls, Gospel-Powered Parenting (excellent!), and A Sacred Marriage. I'll be glad if I get all these read, but I may steal some from your list, too. Happy Reading and I will pray God reveals those “lost” items :)>

  2. Melanie Z. says:

    You need to add and F category…for Fun! 🙂

  3. Melanie Z. says:

    You know…in all your spare time after reading that excellent list.

  4. Tracie says:

    Is that Unlocked that Karen Kingsbury wrote? Is it worth the read just for fun for me?

    I need to make a list too!

  5. Julia says:

    You need to pray to St. Anthony…Dear St. Anthony please come araound something is lost that pust be found…

  6. Nina says:

    Love what you do, and appreciate your candor! We'd like to offer a small group guide and a copy of The Respect Dare to you or one of your readers for free – if you email us at and send your address, we'll get the copies off to you! 🙂


    Nina Roesner
    Author, The Respect Dare

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ah yes, respectable sins, now that's a thought. The catch as I see it is how to do them well. Will I have to buy the book to find out, or am I doing them already? Decisions, decisions!. Have a great day Becky, love from your little Aussie mate, Helen

    PS glad you've found your charger. I've missed your photos.

  8. Laura says:

    Hey you! I'm reading 'A Thousand Gifts' right now, and LOOOOVING it. I'm notorious for starting a book and not finishing it, but I can't put this one down ;). Love and big hugs to you!

  9. annaj says:

    you really do like lists


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