Valentines Day – A Recap

Travel Packs for Bubba’s and KB’s friends:

Pencil Sharpeners for KB’s other class:

Bookmarks for Little’s friends:
Moral of those photos? If you want to give cutesy valentines, don’t have your children attend multiples schools.  FOR PETE’S SAKE!!!
We had nursery duty last Sunday and the Nursery Coordinator’s father had brought her a Hallmark Puppy.  When you push the puppy’s paw it flicks it’s ears and says things like, “Got a smooch for a pooch?” and “I wooof you!”  Little held on to that dog for the entire hour.  I would look up and she would be just hugging him close.  Honey went out the next day (Valentines Day) and bought her one.  She went crazy.  She loves him and he has not been far from her in four days.  His name is Elliott. 
The girls had cutesy little Valentine skirts and such, but what does one do for a little boy on Valentines day? How can he be festive and not sacrifice “man points”? Why, with a Valentine Viking of course.  Actually, I don’t know what a viking has to do with valentines day, but I saw this on a blog I stumbled across (she has three or four boys – only boys and is determined to still be crafty) and I really wanted to try it.  She embroidered a heart on hers but I sewed on a button.  In a couple days that heart button is coming off and I am going to sew on a shamrock button! Bubba is hilarious about it.  I asked what he thought of his Valentine Viking and he said (in his monotone Eeyore voice), “I really like my Valentine Viking.”  What more could a mom ask for!! 
And now. . . the BEST VALENTINE CARD EVER!!! My mom’s dear friend, Mary Louise, sent the kids valentines and I must say she took the day.  These cards were empty faces and there were stickers to put on. Bubba had a monkey, KB had a pig, and Little had a cow.  The kids were enthralled, entertained, enthusiastic – you get the idea.  Memom’s card, complete with a stick of non-permitted gum, couldn’t even pull them away. 

THANK YOU, Mary Louise.  Not only did the kids love the cards, I was so touched that you thought of us.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm delighted that they enjoyed them. 🙂 ML


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