DPP 8 – Uglies

I have finished the jammies and moved on to Christmas presents for the kids. 
Have you seen these:

 I have to confess, I am a sucker for  an ugly stuffed creature.  Growing up I would look for the “so ugly they are cute” variety any time I went to a toy story.  My search resulted in QUITE a collection that no one loved as much as me.

Well, when I saw these little guys in the Land of Nod catalog, I fell in love.  I also thought, “I could MAKE that!”  Result: the next time I was at Joann’s I bought the fleece and I did a google search on tutorials for getting it done.  The help I settled in with was given by the writer of Make it DO .  She called her blog entry, “Make Your Kids Something Ugly” and that caught my attention.  I got some tips from her and then watched this you tube video made by ten year olds and was convinced I could do it.

We’ll see how it all turns out.  That will be a photo for another day in December.

Visit the Treadways for more of the December Photo Project.

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2 Responses to DPP 8 – Uglies

  1. Marcie says:

    Wow! Great idea. Jack has just discovered these and loves them. Of course, the first item he wanted was the rubber “action figure” version. Thankfully he had just gotten some money from some folks. I might dust off my sewing machine.

  2. Debbie says:

    Can't wait to seen the finished products. Leah has one of these on her bed :).


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