Laumeier on Labor Day

It is so great to have children old enough to do stuff.  We finally feel like our kids are in a place where we can take advantage of the many things our city has to offer.  We won’t be taking them to the symphony on the Botanical Gardens lawn any time soon, but we felt comfortable heading out to Laumeier Park to check out the sculptures and felt confident we wouldn’t lose anyone.

So, there we are at the big blue sign that says who paid for everything and stuff.  Not real artsy, but adorable, eh? Truth is, this is on the way back to the car.  The first thing we actually saw was Ricardo Cat
Yep.  There sat Ricardo with a BENCH inside. . . right beside a sign that instructed everyone to NOT climb on the sculptures.  What in the world? Fat chance.  I am pretty sure that artist Niki de Saint Phalle fully intended that cat for climbing.  We took our picture, admired the stones, let out a rebel yell and headed on into the park.
Where we were greeted by another “Do not climb on the sculptures” sign and this:

We took the message here to be “We’ve got our eye on you” and reminded the children that sculptures were not for climbing.

The distance between sculptures was perfect for running.  The kids would take off down a hill. . .

. . . stop long enough for Bubba to read the name of the sculpture and the artist (hilarious). . .

. . . and then take off running again!

This red one, The Way, by Alexander Liberman was one of Honey’s favorites while I preferred The Necklace by Linda Fleming:

(No, I don’t know why.  I just liked it.)
Bubba’s favorite was Sugabus by Robert Chambers.  (We affectionately called it “Bubbles”).

The kids’ ultimate favorite was this guy:

Titled Face of Earth #3, the artist Vito Acconci had a bit of an attitude in my mind.  The description read, in part, “this piece proposes that a bland, easy to understand, integrating face is what the general public wants in art.”  Well, it’s what my kids wanted in art.  They “got” this one and loved it. They climbed in and out of those facial features for ages . .

(Here’s KB in your eye. . .)

and then Bubba fell:

and the girls all ran to his aid check out the blood:

When all that mothering and oohing and aaahing was finished we headed off again.  I had told the kiddos, while still in the car, that there would be lots of running and mommy would be taking lots of pictures.  They could run and run but when mommy or daddy said stop, they were to stop.  AND when mommy wanted to take a picture, the quicker they complied the quicker it would be done and they could run some more.  See how well they did:

Seriously, that photo almost made me cry.  I didn’t tell anyone where to stand or anything.  I just said, “Okay – picture around this one (Knots)  and remember we can’t climb on it.”  They found their places, smiled for the camera and history was made.  I actually hesitated for a moment and tried to hear a trumpet sound.

This photo on Cores for Laumeier was my last picture before the one at the sign. 

You can see why. . . I mean, they were good sports but their hearts just weren’t in it anymore! That’s alright. It was a good training session. We’ll try again before too long.

When I suggested we go to the park on Labor Day, the pitch included a picnic lunch.  How romantic, right? Well, that idea was shot down by my Honey’s rather immediate, “OR we could go to Chickfila!”  So, I would like to end this post with a photo and a Budweiser type homage. 

“Here’s to you, picnicking in the park couple.  You sit on your sheet covered bench enjoying the brisk morning air (wish I’d brought a jacket) while sipping an undisclosed beverage and showcasing your wedding gift picnic basket (you couldn’t return it).  Your presence mocks the families passing by and you like it.  (we don’t have children!) So here’s to you picnicking in the park couple.  Stay clean while we head to the food court. (The picnicking in the park coooooooupllllllle.)

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5 Responses to Laumeier on Labor Day

  1. Julia says:

    Your Budweiser tribute to a picnic was upt there with Dave Nolda type entry!

  2. Sarah B says:

    Oh My Gosh, B!!! Laughing out loud here at your budweiser-esque commercial!! I literally could hear the budweiser guy and the cheesy, rock-star guy, saying the words in my head. Can always count on you for a laugh. 🙂

    ~Sarah B.

  3. Sarah B says:

    P.S. Dave came up with a budweiser commercial called, “Mr. Overly Zealous Sunday School Attender.” Inspired by a real person, who shall remain anonymous, who…lets just say took sunday school waaaaaay too seriously! Try saying “Mr. Overly Zealous Sunday School Attendar” in your budweiser-guy voice…it totally works! And don't forget to add in the rock-stay guy singing, “I forgot my Bible!” in between!

  4. Can I just say how awesome you are! I am LOVING getting to know you better!! Great entry!

  5. annaj says:

    i'm so glad we're related


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