There Is A Fountain

on Locust.  There is a Fountain on Locust. . . it’s really an ice cream parlor.  That’s what the website says, “Voted Best Ice Cream Parlor!” Right there on the web page.  Right between, “Voted Top 10 Restrooms in America” and “The Most Photographed Restaurant in St. Louis”.  You’re getting the point? This place makes some pretty big claims. Want more? “World’s best soups made from scratch every day and home of the ice cream martini.”  And if you look on the back of the menu it advertises the “World’s smallest ice cream cone.”

This is the place I spent the evening tonight: Fountain on Locust (FOL).  My DEAR friend Claire came into town for the weekend and, along with DEAR friend April, we headed out for the evening.  Before the girlies arrived, I thumbed through my Groupons to see if there was an adventure to be had and came upon one for FOL.  With every one’s approval obtained, we headed out at 8:00 PM for some quality time.  (OUT at 8:00!!! Who am I?)

Cute place.
The food was yummy but I think the Crown Candy Kitchen would still get my Ice Cream Parlor Vote.

I’ve seen nicer restrooms.

There was a LOT of photography (we did help boost their numbers on that one!).
Server Todd:

We didn’t try the soup, so I can’t comment on it’s world renown status.  None of us like martinis so we didn’t even partake in that front page claim.  (April did have a Mimosa thingy with orange sherbet and champagne.  Smelled yummy.)

And then there was the world’s smallest ice cream cone.  You bet your bottom dollar that we ordered a round  for the ladies.  When they arrived, we jumped up and headed to the “Top 10 Restroom in America”.

So, here you see two of the world’s smallest ice cream cones and they are IN one of the top 10 bathrooms in our fine country.  It’s a big deal, eh?

Claire really wanted no part of our tomfoolery, but she was captured on film taking  part.

Yeah, that’s her in the back left of the photo.  The one taking a photo and loving it.  Her laugh and our smiles? Those were characteristic of our whole night.  We had a super time.  Voted “Best Night out in September 2010.” 

I am so thankful for old and DEAR friends to chat, laugh, and cry with.  Folks who know me.   One of this world’s GREATEST treasures.

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2 Responses to There Is A Fountain

  1. I am thankful that you posted some great photos of some girls I love and haven't seen in FOREVER!!! Looks like it deserves to be in the Top Ten list of whatever!
    Love you and love that you got to have some girl time with Claire and April!


  2. Jackie says:

    Yes, you are one of the world's greatest treasures!


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