My Dream House

Let me start by saying this: if I lived in Gaithersburg, MD it would be difficult for me to not attend  Covenant Life Church.  I mean, I’ve been involved in the PCA denomination since I was two (that’s when it started) but I would be VERY interested in attending Covenant Life Church.  Not so much because the senior pastor is Joshua Harris (yes, of  I Kissed Dating Goodbye fame), but because I would want to spend time with Carolyn Mahaney.  I think she would see a LOT of me.

Since I don’t live in Maryland, I settle for reading “Girl Talk”, a blog written by Mrs. Mahaney and her daughters/daughters-in-law.  After a conversation with my landlord today about the birthday party we are having for Bubba on Saturday and the possible conflict with the lawn boy. . . today’s post was extra special.  You can go here to read the entire entry, but here’s the part I loved.

“Do you (like me) find yourself tempted to be discontent with your home?

If so, then this counsel author Randy Alcorn once gave a discontent couple is for you (and me) today:

“When I was a pastor, a couple came to my office and told me they wanted to be able to give more money to the church and to missions. “But we’ve always had this dream for a beautiful home in the country,” they added, “and we can’t seem to shake it. Is that wrong?”

No it isn’t. In fact, the dream of a perfect home is from God. It’s just that such a dream cannot and will not be fulfilled in this life. Our dream house is coming; we don’t have to build it here. In fact, we can’t. (In Light of Eternity, pp. 155-156.)

We may never have that perfect home we desire here on earth. But “our dream house is coming!” It’s in heaven, waiting there for us, as Jesus promised: “In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?” (John 14:2)

Dear Lord, may my mind and affections be set, not on the things of this earth, but on my eternal home in heaven where I will one day be with you. This is my ultimate dream house—and not just a dream, it is a certain hope! Thank you for the work of your Son on the cross, which brought me into your family, and, one day, will bring me into your home forever! “

Can’t wait to have coffee with Mrs. Mahaney AGAIN!!!

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