Birmingham, Surprise!

Last Friday Honey dropped me off at the airport for a 5:30pm flight to Birmingham.  Usually when we fly Southwest we are not anxious about security; Southwest has their own terminal and I have never seen a line before.  Well, July 16 was a different story.  There were people lined up outside to check baggage, hundreds of people to wade through once I got inside and FOUR full lines to go through security.  I turned to the lady checking I.D.s and started laughing.  She smiled and told me that there was a “convention coming through”. 

It was then I noticed all the green and pink.  So much green and pink.  It took me back to my Troy State University days, when the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority had their chapter room in our dorm.  I spoke to the woman in front of me and asked if AKA had held a convention that week in Missouri.  The answer? Yes.  7000 women attended!!! Dude.  7000 women, a large portion of which were trying to get through security at that very moment. 

Once I arrived at my gate I called Honey and just laughed with him about it all.  Then I called my dear friend Monica and laughed with her too.  So Much Green and Pink.  Blazers.  Dresses.  Shirts.  Hats. 

Here is a photo of my gate.  I can count 17 women wearing AKA apparel in this photo and know there were another six off to the left in wheel chairs. 

Now, I have written enough about this topic that one might think it was the point of the post – but NO.  The point is that I went to Birmingham to surprise my sister and see my niece.  I flew in on Friday evening and spent time with my parents and then drove with them over to Anna’s on Saturday.  My nephew, Cole, was having a “1/2 birthday” party with the family and my mom thought that would be the perfect time to spring me on Anna.  It worked.  Cole was super surprised to see me and so very sweet to be excited (he’s 10).  My sister cried and hugged and cried.   Good times.
We celebrated Cole first: 1/2 a birthday cake and 1/2 of the birthday song was sung, but ALL of the presents were opened!!!
Naomi slept through our lunch/celebration.  She has just enough hair to hold a bow so I put one in to see.  Wow.  My sister was NOT happy with that.  So, no bows.  Got it. (But isn’t she precious?)
The rest of the day was spent with me (and my extra chins) holding Naomi like this. . .
or this. . .

Love me some babies! Seriously.  This is my favorite stage. . . I love it.  Even told Anna I would take her home and raise her for the first 3-6 months if she wanted and then would give her back.  No takers on that one.  Oh well.

Sunday morning my daddy’s car pulled out of the garage at 6:30am with me, my mom, and him ready for a road trip back to my home.  Such a quick trip.  So worth it!

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4 Responses to Birmingham, Surprise!

  1. I am SO DELIGHTED that you got to hold your new (and so beautiful it makes me want another one) niece! What a precious treasure.

  2. annaj says:

    Yea!!! Thank you for coming!

  3. Julia says:

    The bow in the hair would have clashed with the awesome zebra print pink piping sun dress. What a great surprise for Anna!

  4. Debbie says:

    What a fun surprise!! I know you loved the time with Anna and her family, especially little Naomi :).


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