Birdie on the Perch

Surely you remember the story of KB and her bird house? That little birdhouse has been sitting on her dresser looking so empty and sad.

Well, today I went to Joann Fabrics during my “mommy errand” time, and back in the far right corner, under a huge pile of wooden grape clusters, in a bin marked “Clearance”, I found this:

A box of six little birds in need of a home. Best part? $.97 for the box. I sorta squealed. More of a gasp and chatting to myself under my breath.

I got home and showed it to KB and she actually squealed. She was so very excited and immediately began to talk to the birdie about the pink house and then ran to show Bubba and make introductions.

And now there is a little birdie resting on the perch of KB’s birdhouse. He looks quite content there and I am pretty sure he has plans to stay awhile. I’m just hoping KB doesn’t realize the other five birdies are homeless!!

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