Loverly Linda

Remember Little’s dear friend Linda? Linda is actually MY dear friend and she has chosen to love my Little (how could she help it?) and spend time with her. She is the in town Aunt Little doesn’t have and we are so thankful for her.

In June there was their trip to the zoo:

Little spent the entire day with Linda and came home with a pretzel in one hand and a toy giraffe in another.

Then there was the Botanical Gardens:

This day ended a little bit earlier because we had plans, I think. Little was full of stories about riding the tram, a lady in a “special chair”, and fish. In her hand she carried a little bag with six colored rocks.

Weekend before last Little went to her first Cardinals game:

She knows all about the Cards because folks in St. Louis treat their baseball team in a quite reverent manner. She had a week long unit on baseball in preschool (seriously) and Fred Bird came to her elementary school a few weeks ago. Propaganda!

Anyway, I explained to her that she would get to see the Cardinals play and that Fred Bird would be there too. She responded, “And he won’t talk.” True.

I told her that she would have to listen to the announcer and see if she could hear when Mr. Pujols was up to bat. Mr. Pujols loves Jesus too. Interjected here, “Jesus loves Mr. Pujols.” True. I continued to explain that Mr. Pujols also has a child with a special brain just like Little. She smiled, giggled, and said something like, “Why are you saying that?” and was off to the next thing.

After the game I asked, “”Little did you see Mr. Pujols bat?” “I did!” she answered.

“Were there fireworks?” (home run)

Linda said that lunch was a big deal. She offered Little a hot dog or hamburger; Little chose a hamburger. According to Linda, Little wasn’t eating her hamburger and so Linda cut it in half and ate half. Little continued plugging away at the fries. Linda proceeded to eat the other half of Little’s hamburger. Little spoke up and said, “I’m going to tell my mom you ate my hamburger.” Hilarious. What Linda doesn’t know is that Little eats her fries first, then the bread of her burger and then the meat. Tee Hee.

Second “oops” was that Linda mentioned getting ice cream later and Little was suddenly finished with her lunch. All she could talk about was ice cream. Lesson learned, Linda?

That day ended right after the game. Little came home with a red necklace, real stories, and a deeper affection for Linda. I get teary thinking about it.

She’s not in pain – it’s that awful cheese grin phase combined with balancing her glasses. Terrible!

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3 Responses to Loverly Linda

  1. amy says:

    there is something super special about people loving your kids, isn't there?

  2. Tracie says:

    What a great post! We are so glad to hear Little had a good time. Linda is such a super lady, and Little is such a fun girl!

  3. zellner says:

    love that linda! What a special friend in your life and in little's!


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