Let’s wrap this up – a photo montage

We went to a petting zoo – KB greeted EVERY goat individually – and the kids rode horses.

We went to Chattanooga for a day at the aquarium.

We rode a carousel.

We played at the playground.

There were computer lessons.

And a fun ride home.

Since returning to the Midwest, my daughter has asked every day (but one) if she can go to Memom’s church today. Bubba has asked to go back to Memom’s and told me that Esther is in Texas. KB has said, “Abbie” with GREAT affection. *insert deep sigh*
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2 Responses to Let’s wrap this up – a photo montage

  1. Debbie says:

    What a fun week and what great pictures to remember it by :). I love the look on your face that seems to say, “Are we having fun yet?”. Did you make those balloons? If so, I am impressed!

  2. Anonymous says:

    My girls are missing their cousins, too. And I miss you!!! We have now burned a CD with the pictures on it. yesterday I bought an envelope and I will try to get it in the mail today. Please forgive me for not getting it to you in time for blogging and the deal on snapfish. I do hope you enjoy the pics, though. I love you!


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