Two Girls = Double the Bad Hair!!!

You may remember that I mentioned here and here how terrible I am with fixing hair. Through the years I have had very basic hairstyles myself and now the Lord has provided yet another opportunity for sanctification by giving me, not one, but TWO daughters.

This past week it was very cold outside but Little stumbled across (maybe literally) her ponytail rubber bands and asked for ponytails. I thought it would be funny since her hair has still not grown out from the disaster haircut in November. The result:

Well, little sister saw these babies and wanted two of her own. She wiggled right over to the brush and pushed it into my hand and then plopped down on my lap with an air of “go to it, mom”. I did and the outcome was well worth it. . .

Check out the back:
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1 Response to Two Girls = Double the Bad Hair!!!

  1. annaj says:

    that picture of kb is priceless!!!


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