Easter 2009

Holidays are funny when you have little children. It is silly to take your week helping in Children’s Church on a holiday. Since our church only offers a children’s option during one service, this means that our kiddos were at church for a LONG time and Little had to “help” in the nursery a bit during the first service. They did a great job – I was really thankful for them.

We went to early church, cruised the commons during Sunday School and then helped in Children’s church during the second service. There were chicken nuggets for lunch and the promise of my first brisket for dinner.

I had found the brisket recipe on allrecipes.com and everyone said how moist and perfect it was. I think it was dry and tasted like roast. It wasn’t bad – it just wasn’t a repeater. I need to get my friend Ellen to teach me how to make brisket – she is a MASTER.

Anywho, at 5:00PM (my mom is going to love this story), I realize that I should have already been fixing dinner so we could eat at 5:30PM, but we had been doing Easter baskets and coloring and food had slipped my mind.

I ran into the kitchen. Pulled the meat out of the crock pot to settle, put water on the stove to boil, whipped up a batch of Pam Eyrich’s Peas (you can get 15 oz. of pine nuts at Sam’s for $7!!!!!), and we were sitting down to eat by 5:30PM.
KB helped to unset the table.
Picture a family of five sitting down to the beautifully set table – all dressed in their Easter duds – having a lovely God-centered meal with good conversation and worshipful hearts. Yummy food too. . .
Reality – Half of us were in our jammies. The kitchen was a wreck from my 15 min. cook fest. AND I realized moments before dinner that I didn’t have the ingredients to the dessert I was planning to cook, so I jumped up at one point in the meal, ran to the magazine rack in the family room and grabbed a Family Food magazine I had received from Kraft. I didn’t have Cool Whip but I mixed up some Dream Whip. I didn’t have strawberries, but I had blueberries. AND I just happened to have frozen pound cake that we hadn’t used for Little’s second party. I finished this dessert just in time for everyone to have some and then read that it had to sit in the frig for four hours. I still think there is a show out there that would award me a Kitchen aid Mixer for that super production.

What did y’all eat and who cooked??

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4 Responses to Easter 2009

  1. Graham says:

    All I have to say is THANK YOU for helping with children’s worship on Sunday. We love the Kicklighters!

  2. Allison says:

    Because our church meets on Sunday evening, we were all still our pj’s come 1pm on Easter. We hunted eggs in our pj’s, dyed eggs in our pj’s, and had sunday easter lunch in our pj’s. And our meal was just grilled chicken, roasted veggies and a salad. Maybe next year I will figure out some sort of tradition…

  3. Debbie says:

    I love the picture and the matching outfits. Your day sounds lovely–even down to the hectic dinner. That is what memories are made of :).

  4. annaj says:

    We helped out in children’s church too!

    And I ate crab cake minis with an amazing salad – prepared by the great cooks at Ruby Tuesday!


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