The Cricut Explained

How is it that I have some of THE craftiest (and I don’t mean that in the deceptive way) friends and you have not heard of the Cricut. Your infants must not have been sick on a Sunday morning and you must not have watched the hour long amazing infomercial that WILL compel you to pick up your phone just to hear more.

As per the website:
“The Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter machine is the future of home crafting. Simply by touching a button, Cricut can cut beautiful designs and alphabets for card making, scrapbooking, and paper crafting. No computer is required, just plug it in. Place your favorite cartridge in your Cricut and choose from hundreds of designs in 12 different sizes; ranging from 1″ to 5-1/2″! That’s thousands of possibilities! Cutting customized shapes and alphabets has never been easier. The Cricut machine weighs only 7 lbs and comes with the George & Basic Shapes cartridge, to get you started.”

Now, I got this size – the smaller size – but it comes in a bigger size that will cut images up to 11″. I can see no time in my life I will need an image that big though 🙂

Isn’t it FUN????
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1 Response to The Cricut Explained

  1. Bethany says:

    I too watched the infomercial in AWE!!! I want one so bad. Glad to know you have the small one and like it. Does it come with different fonts or do you have to buy a lot of cartridges?


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