February Fun

Traditionally I have been a hater of all things Valentines.  Principally, I still think it is terrible to get something as a token of one’s affections because they are expected to give said token.  Have you ever read John Piper’s Desiring God? In the Preface he talks about duty versus desire and uses a husband giving his wife flowers as the example.  Flower from Duty = No Go.  Flower from Desire = Big Kiss.

Anyway, I have decided that February will be a month to share the love, here at the Blue Hutch.  I am excited about celebrating my love for my husband and children and talking with the kids about God’s love for us.
I got several of these “bags” at Hobby Lobby after Christmas ($.50 each) and decided I would turn them into Valentine mailboxes for the kids.

Each day they will get a heart note inside telling them how much I, Honey, and/or Jesus loves them.  (Bubba’s isn’t finished yet because I cut the paper too small.  That should get remedied tomorrow – – if I don’t spend the whole morning at the doctor’s office.

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1 Response to February Fun

  1. Amanda says:

    You are so creative and fun. Can I be your kid? 🙂


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