Whilst at Walmart – 3

Last night I spent most of my time “zoning”. No, I wasn’t daydreaming or in “la-la” land, I was walking through the women’s apparel and straightening shelves, rehanging shirts people threw on top of racks, folding shirts that had been ransacked while some lady hoped for the size 8 turtleneck. . . Basically, I did what I would have done if I had been home: pick up after other folks and fold laundry!

It was actually more fun at Walmart *smile*. I had to straighten the clearance items and found two pairs of Bermuda shorts for next summer – $1 each! Also, there are the CUTE knit shirts that are marked down, my pregnant readers, that would be precious but aren’t maternity shirts. $8. If you are getting bored with your wardrobe in the these last months/weeks run out to your town and country Walmart and choose from over ten colors and many sizes!

And as always, Thank you for Shopping at Walmart.

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2 Responses to Whilst at Walmart – 3

  1. Cris Bryan says:

    Hey Friend – saw your sweet hubby today at the sem, made me think of you and read your blog – fun entry! Also, M. Dunham and I have now, officially and actually met – at the bookstore…I put my name on a waiting list, and she said, “You know Becky, don’t you?!”I am almost ready for reintegration into real life – Things are so strange with both Chris and I – don’t think it would be fair to subject others, but I miss you! Call you next week when I am done with week-long classes…Love!

  2. Kitty says:

    I can finally comment again!!! Hooray! Of course it took my techie husband to figure it out.


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