The kids love to play with Legos. Mommy is pretty boring when it comes to this. I can build tall towers and houses and basic stuff, but I am lame.

Daddy is GREAT at Legos. Daddy builds airplanes that look like real airplanes. Daddy opened our children’s eyes to the world of Legos.

This picture shows Little with one of Mommy’s Lego creations of late. Since Daddy upped the anty, Mommy has been trying to think outside the proverbial box. This is a Lego lollipop. It’s what Little asked for.

It actually reminds me of my first year at Troy State University when I attended the Baptist Student Union and sang with their ensemble. It looks like one of those big microphones we held to sing into.

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4 Responses to Legos

  1. Debbie says:

    I am very thankful my girls were never really into legos–it’s just not my thing. Love the lollipop!

  2. zellner says:

    I am so jealous that you got to use one of those microphones. I cannot sing- at all, and my one dream has been to be able to and sing with one of those big spongey ball microphones :)maybe I’ll just use legos

  3. Anonymous says:

    Your friends and their comments are hilarious. Love them almost as much as your blog. 🙂 Memom

  4. annaj says:

    wow, i wish i could’ve seen you with that mic. could be almost as much fun as seeing you karaoke.


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