Christmas with the Kicks – the aftermath

For those friends who have been calling this week and I haven’t answered or called back, here is the deal. . .

My sister and her family left on Sunday AM and that afternoon the house was filled with moaning and wailing and anguish. Yes, a stomach bug hit our house like that bug at the beginning of Men in Black hit that windshield. It has been one UGLY week with every kind of yuck you can imagine. I called in sick twice and Honey was laid out for an entire day. We still feel nauseous and can’t eat an entire meal.

So, don’t be mad we haven’t talked – hit your knees and ask for deliverance!!! The Kicks need their kick back!

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3 Responses to Christmas with the Kicks – the aftermath

  1. april says:

    and you made two meals for your sick friends….thank you for caring for us in the midst of your chaos. we love you!

  2. Cath says:

    Poor things! Hope you’re all on the mend. I can think of little worse.

  3. Debbie says:

    I am so sorry! That is the worst! Hope you are all feeling better now.


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