I will never understand, no matter how long I work at Walmart, how someone could. . .

1. be walking through the rows of towels, decide they don’t want a DVD and just dump it on the towel shelf.
2. bring an item up to the cashier, blatantly LIE about the price and get mad when the manager won’t give them the item for the LIEd about price.
3. decide IN LINE – AT THE REGISTER – that they don’t want a bra and turn around and stuff it into the beef jerky box while I, I mean a cashier, watches inches away! (eager to take the bra and put it in it’s proper place).
4. open a bottle of GermX in line, use it to wash their hands, and then put it back on the shelf – – across from the cashier!!!
5. come in to shop at 10:45PM with their two young children, look on the shelf and see the desired item is out of stock, walk up and down the aisle of pallets waiting to be unloaded, find said item and ask the night staff to get it for them now. WHAT?????

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  1. Sarah B. says:

    Umm, yeah, I’m one of those people who have been known to do what you describe in #1. (Raising my hand.) Guilty as charged. Though it’s not DVD’s in the towel aisle, it’s totally wrong and shows utter laziness on my part. The truth comes out… 🙂But just so you know, I have NEVER stuffed a bra next to the beef jerky in the checkout aisle!!

  2. My husband used to work in retail and it drives him crazy when my kids leave things ina random spot instead of puting it where it belongs at the store!!! He feels your pain!

  3. I will admit that I do lay things down in the wrong places when I decide not to buy them. But I PROMISE I NEVER used to do it before I had kids. But now when I take all 3 of them into Walmart and find myself Completely across the store from where the item belongs, I just have to leave it in the spot where I am. Because the truth is, I am considering it a miracle that I have survived that long with all 3. Usually I’ve already pushed them to their limit and am holding my breath that I can get out of the store before Clip starts screaming or Aiden and Sophie drive each other crazy! So to add the extra time it would take to walk it back and back into line would be inviting a meltdown or disaster. So, I am guilty of the very thing which you cannot stand. And I am very sorry. Maybe someday I’ll work in retail and I will spend my entire workday putting all those misplaced items back and paying penance for all of the times I did it (…ONLY IN DESPERATION!!!!!) 🙂 ~annie


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