Clearing up the Confusion

** I preface this post by saying – I am not calling anyone an idiot.

Thanks to my friend Marcie for helping me to understand why people kept cheering for my stint at WalMart being over. The title “Last Night at Walmart” actually meant “The night before this morning, while I was at WalMart” NOT “It was my last night to work at WalMart”. OH CONTRARE! I have been given part time status instead of seasonal, so now I have a discount. Can I get a woohoo??

God has been providing for us in big ways, so we’ll see how much longer I need to stay. Thankfully, it has been a good experience and I am enjoying myself.

On another note, I took KB to see the doctor this morning – you know, Dr. Dave who visited the Wally World a couple weeks back – anyway, his first question. . . “How’s Wal-Mart treatin’ ya?” All I could think was, “a humble and contrite heart He does not despise.”

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1 Response to Clearing up the Confusion

  1. Marcie says:

    Laughing again! Gotta love Dr. Dave. Thanks for the Dave report. And, thanks for clearing up the confusion.


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