My Son Hates Me

It is no secret that Bubba won’t poop on the potty. Yesterday I thought we had a break through. Bubba announced that he had a “nasty poopy” and so I checked his drawers. No poopy.

Aha! Maybe he was letting me know he needed to go! His little dance seemed to affirm this deduction and so I got out the “Cushie Tushie”, he grabbed a Dora book, and he jumped up onto the potty.

I was on the phone making a hair appointment for him and Little.
I walked back to my calendar to write down said appointment.
I heard screams, “Oh No. Oh No.”

He hates me.

I, on the other hand, love you guys. I did not take a picture for this blog post. *wink*

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3 Responses to My Son Hates Me

  1. Kitty says:

    pooping on the floor is funny. very, very funny and will be until my boy does the same thing.

  2. Jo Ann Vargo says:

    Oh my! I’ve always heard horror stories of potty training boys but thankfully Boo was an easy one. My twin brothers would only use the potty chair in the kitchen–I vowed I would never do that and thankfully never had to swollow my pride and allow it to happen. I’ll keep praying for you!Jo Ann

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just so you know … John David STILL doesn’t poop in the potty (he is 4+)!! I’ve invested in some non-latex gloves from Costco. Makes cleaning so much easier for me!! Hang in there!!! I feel your pain, sister!! amytjones


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