Moral Dilemma

Went to the grocery store today – one I rarely frequent. I had KB and Little with me – KB in the seat, Little riding in the back with food all around her. I wanted to make some goodies for a brunch I might get to attend in the morning (if there is a miraculous healing from runny noses overnight) and I needed Oreos and cupcake papers. I ended up with quite a bit more.

Anyway, we paid for the stuff and headed to the van. I got the girls strapped in and went to unload the two bags into the front seat. It was then that I realized the miniature cupcake papers did not get paid for. Moral Dilemma.

I literally debated. .
“It’s only $2 – no one will know.”
” My kids are too tiny to know what is happening.”
“I’ll know and I can’t compromise in the little or one day I’ll compromise on the big”
“We are going to be pushing it to get Little fed and on the bus. I don’t want to get everyone out.”

So the decision was made – I would pull the van up to the curb right by the door. This one door opens right up to the check-out line I had JUST used and I would pay the lady quickly and run back out to the car. That was the plan. I had NO cash, so I got my debit car out and pulled out of my parking space.

As I went toward the front of the store I saw a lady coming out wearing shorts. I literally thought, “What is that silly woman doing wearing shorts?” Turned out, upon closer scrutiny, that the “silly woman” was my new best friend, Amy. Talk about providential timing! I followed her to her car and unloaded her groceries into the trunk while she ran in and paid for my $1 wrappers. The only bad part of the whole deal was her yelling, “How did you end up stealing these?” I yelled back, “Why are you wearing SHORTS???”

She had been playing tennis.
I had a four year old sitting on the wrappers.

All is well that ends well.
And I am thankful for my friend, Amy.

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1 Response to Moral Dilemma

  1. Debbie says:

    Isn’t God’s timing wonderful!


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