The Crowd

Here’s the crowd we had for Thanksgiving. There was plenty of food and chaos to go around. We are thankful for our friends, the Allens, and that my folks could be with us.

Thanksgiving looks so different in this stage of life. The kids are too little to really like the food, too delayed to tell us what they are thankful for, and too old to play in a playpen. *smile* The adults are committed to traditions of the past, desiring to make traditions of their own, and end up exhausted and just plain thankful for bedtime.

I spent some of my time in the Wal-mart aisle contemplating this holiday and the need to re-evaluate how we spend November and what we’ll do. (This was while I was waiting on someone to come to my line.) I learned a lot from this year that will hopefully help in next year’s celebration of the first Thanksgiving and help us as we encourage thankful hearts in our little ones.

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1 Response to The Crowd

  1. annaj says:

    you are the only one who dressed appropriately – everyone else skipped to christmas! LOVE the color!


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