Christmas Presents on Parade

My friend Jawan linked to a post by Shannon about these precious magnets.  I was in Hobby Lobby later that day and picked up the stuff I would need to make each female bus driver and attendant on my kids’ bus routes a set of six magnets.  There are FIVE women between the two children (and I made some for myself) – so 40 magnets in all. 

Now, before any of you can even say, “When do you find the time to do this? Yah-da Yah-da” I will just tell you that Honey and I have been watching the first season of Angel and I did them during an episode last night and tonight.  I am not a super-powered heroine type.
Now, you know me – Creativity and the Deal are the things.  So, per person, these gifts will end up costing $1.50 each.  Yeah! Go on out and get you some of dat!
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4 Responses to Christmas Presents on Parade

  1. Megan says:

    I totally dig these magnets. I made a whole heaping lot of them when were in transition between Colorado and Missouri and I had basically nothing else to do for two months while living in someone else’s house. My fridge is still totally covered in them.Love. Them.

  2. ruthanne says:

    i might just steal this too – love ya!!

  3. Those are so fun!! I will have to try this! Thanks for the award, that is so sweet!

  4. Jawan says:

    You are hilarious. Can I come watch some TV with you? Thanks for the award. I’m gonna post about it this week.


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