Columbia – where my friend, Nicole, is from

We have dear friends from seminary who don’t live too far away. Last year was the first year in four that we hadn’t gone to the pumpkin patch together and so we planned our most recent visit to coincide with a reunion trip to a new patch. We got up early last Saturday and drove to Columbia for the day. The kids did GREAT! After a quick bathroom break we piled back into the van and headed to Peach Tree Farms- which, crazily enough, is the name of the PUMPKIN patch. Go figure.

We drove the additional 15 min. and found out the patch was closed. The day before was the last day of the season. Nicole asked the guy if we could just get a picture with the pumpkins and he refused because the insurance was only for the month of October. Wow. So, we loaded up and drove home.

This is where we would have gotten our group picture taken:

We didn’t really go home. Instead, we went to a huge park to let the kids play, then back to the Summerall’s for lunch, kids’ naps, and so much chatting. It was a GREAT day (except for TWO poopy pants incidents – someone PLEASE tell me how to get my son to poopy on the potty) and we are so thankful for a friendship like this one.

There was a neat “zip line” type contraption that Little, Bubba, and Huddy all took turns on.

Anna and Little ages differ by 6 months. Anna is so patient with Little and Little is finally getting to be a decent playmate for our VERY creative and smart little friend.

Hudson and Bubba ages differ by 4 months.
KB and Will were born 2 months apart.
If we were both to have another child, it would seem we would deliver simultaneously.

Kermit corrals the infants.

Honey heads off for the slides with the “big” kids.

I LOVE this picture. 6 cute kids in Autumn digs – two messing with their noses, one yawning, one standing, one grinning pleasantly, and one leaning forward like he is going to make a dash for it. LOVE IT!

We had such a good time. Thanks, Kermit and Nicole, for being such wonderful hosts and thank you for loving us. We love you too!
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2 Responses to Columbia – where my friend, Nicole, is from

  1. Wow! What a treat to see the Summeralls! I haven’t seen them since Hudson was Will’s age. And I don’t think I even knew about Will. WOW! Has time gone SO quickly since the days of Seminary and walking together in the morning?! If you talk to Nicole, PLEASE tell her Hello for me and that I was SO HAPPY to see pictures of her family! ~anniep.s. my favorite part of the picture is the two hands that are holding a death grip on KB’s ankles 🙂

  2. Nicole says:

    Becky, You still havent’ told me if that title is a joke especially for me (since I used to explain Columbia to you way after you knew where I was from). It was so great to see you guys; thanks for coming all the way here to play at the park in pumpkin shirts! We love us some Kicklighters!To Annie, I have thought I wanted to be in touch wiht you guys. If you’re on FB-let’s meet there!


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