Heart Felt Sentiments

Some people get emotional about politics, some about theology, and I get hot about . . . well, THIS is the kind of thing that ticks me off:

A company that I will not name is selling this garland for $59.00. It’s description reads, “felt leaves on a grosgrain ribbon”. SERIOUSLY!!!!!

A few years back the same company had a Thanksgiving banner in their catelog that I just loved, BUT they were selling it for $69.00 and I wasn’t about to pay that for felt and twine! I don’t even know what came over me, but before I knew it I was at Hancocks buying felt and buttons and making a banner for our home (spending about $15). Since it’s completion, I haven’t been able to enjoy it for more than a few days for some reason or other (going out of town, having a baby and just forgetting I had it, etc.).

Well, it’s up, baby and we’re loving it! All three of the kids stopped in their tracks when they realized the banner was up. Bubba said, “It’s the alphabet. T-H-A-N–K-S-G-I-V-tree-N-G!” Adorable.

I love Thanksgiving and really want this month to be special – not just the month before Christmas. I asked the kids this morning what they are thankful for and this was the discussion:
Little: “The sign says Happy Thanksgiving.”
Me: “That’s right. What are you thankful for, Little”
Little: “I’m thankful for God”
Me: “I am too, sweetie. Bubba, what are you thankful for”
Silence as he stares at me and processes. Silence as he doesn’t answer.
Me: “Bubba, are you thankful for your cars?”
Little:” He sure IS thankful for his cars.”

And there you go.

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