Pumpkin Patch Birthday

We love us a good trip to the pumpkin patch. This year I was a bit sad because EVERY weekend was full to the brim with retreat, travel, and cleaning; there was no room for pumpkins. Then, lo and behold, my friend Jen decided that her daughter’s birthday party would be at the patch a few miles away from us and the Lord provided an afternoon FULL of fun in the patch. Here’s the gang ready to par-tay:

First stop was the maze. KB helped Chris and Cris find their way out:
The Allens treated the children to face painting. Now, take three children who are either too young to understand, have sensory issues, or are just unaware and you have for triple the face painting fun! Little smeared hers twice before the artist was finished, Bubba sat stone still during the painting and scratched his cheek raw the rest of the afternoon, and KB never knew it was there. Crazy!
Like I said, we love us some pumpkins!
The Allens also treated the kids to pony rides. Bubba and Little LOVE horses and they were in heaven. I have heard that autistic children are calmed by horses and I would have to say that EVERY encounter we have with the equine has been VERY positive. We may have to pursue this further. . .
The final treat, before the cake, was a hayride! So fun – so cold – so worth it!!!

Thank you, Chris and Jen Allen and Happy Birthday, Mackenzie! We really enjoyed the time at Rombach’s Farm!

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4 Responses to Pumpkin Patch Birthday

  1. Cath says:

    They are great photos- what a really fun day! Bubba does look rather ho-hum about that face paint!We have a horse place on our road that deals specifically with children with special needs, and I recently heard an interview on the radio about this very thing – so definitely worth pursuing. PS Happy Little Birthday to KB!

  2. Kitty says:

    Don’t quote me, but Longview park may still have the special needs program w/horses. Not sure if they still do, but it’s so close to your house. Happy Birthday KB! It’s going to be so fun to have the wee ones grow up together!

  3. Debbie says:

    I remember the pumpkin patch :). Looks like great fun was had by all!

  4. annaj says:

    cuties! that Little is one beautiful girl!


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