Yard Sale Additions

Finally got to post some new items to the online yard sale! Go check out the 24M and 2T boy clothes, new holiday item, 3T girl item, new shoes, and new accessories (diaper bag, car seat snuggly)!!! Warmly welcome you – tell your friends – don’t be a stranger.

Soon there will be more kids’ toys, some furniture, and kitchen items ta-boot!

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1 Response to Yard Sale Additions

  1. Jawan says:

    Email me and let me know how the yard sale is going. Are you getting some business and making money? Your house looks amazing! My mom is coming in two weeks for my birthday but she knows she’ll be handed a list….I mean, a plan.By the way, I just posted about my purchase of gift cert. from Restaurant.com and gave you the credit. Maybe it will bring you some traffic to both blogs.


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