The Editor

“The copy editor is a nitpicker, a language curmudgeon. His motto: Go ahead and call me anal-retentive – just make sure you hyphenate it.” Tom Neven, “Lapsing into a Comma“.

Every good writer needs an editor. So, it would reason that if you are just an everyday dolt who is writing your thoughts in a public forum, you would have a double dose of need for an editor. One such dolt, that would be me, would like to introduce you to the editor of The Blue Hutch:

Don’t be shy mom – how silly to duck your head like that *wink*.

So, here’s to you “Editor of My Blog and Memom to my Children”. You make me a better woman and my blog an easier read. I love you (and I DON’T mind!).

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1 Response to The Editor

  1. amy says:

    i LOVE this picture of your parents…they are wonderful!


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