First Cleaning

Little and Bubba had dentist appointments on Saturday morning at 8AM. I LOVE our dentist. They have all had special training with special needs kids (although they do see kids without special needs) and run a tight ship. There were three kids with Downs Syndrome in the waiting room with my malformed brain child and potentially autistic toddler. Fun times.

Once a child turns three the parents must stay in the waiting room and the kids go back by themselves. SUCH a great idea on SO many levels. Still, it is a bit tough watching someone so small walking through the big double doors held open by a hygienist in scrubs. That feeling passed quickly this weekend and I pulled out my sudoku book and sat back to enjoy.

15 minutes later they called me back – they were done! Dr. Dan had explained to both children that they had to stop sucking their thumbs and explained to me that I HAD to help them brush their gum line better. Other than that – great reports! Little can’t wait to go back. Bubba didn’t want to leave the video games (he knows nothing about video games but was mesmerized – as the picture shows – by the moving objects and appearing letters. Yes, he just watched the setup and “press start” screens).

If you live in our area and need a dentist, I would be glad to give you their names! Top Notch!

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2 Responses to First Cleaning

  1. Cath says:

    Now that is (may I say) a nice looking dentist! What is it with that? The best looking man I ever did see was a Danish dentist who fixed my tooth while we were in England – oh my!!

  2. Dan B. says:

    Dr. Dan…I like the sound of that…


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