There are a couple things you may not know about me:
1. I can make myself burp. You wouldn’t know this about me because I have rarely ever done this because it is uncouth and unladylike. Sheesh!
2. I like to be clean. I might dress like a slob sometimes, but a clean slob, thank you very much!
3. I am not a fan of bugs. I am not one of those people who carries the spider outside because, “He hasn’t hurt you and he eats the insects that . . . whatever.” No, I smush spiders. I squeal, gasp, and shriek at roaches. And heaven forbid one touch me. I am NOT a fan of bugs.

I am now the mother of a 3 year old little boy. Times they are a changin‘ and I am changin‘ too!
1. Yesterday I made myself burp approximately 16 times while my basically non-verbal son practiced saying “excuse me” through fits of giggles.
2. My 11m daughter crawled through acorns, mud, and a touch of deer poop today and I didn’t brush her off until we were ready to go inside.
3. Last week we were walking at the park and stopped at a picnic table for sippy cups and cheerios all around. I felt a tickle on my leg, looked down and saw a caterpillar on my foot. I started to inhale dramatically and kick it off but stopped and turned to show Bubba and Little. I sat there with the caterpillar on my foot while Bubba “petted” it. I know it was only a caterpillar but technically this one shows growth in both numbers 2 and 3! (bug touching me – Bubba getting dirty with bug cooties)

Today there was a grasshopper on the front porch. It jumped and Bubba just laughed and laughed. I went to pick up KB and heard a different sound from Bubba and turned to see the grasshopper on his arm. I laughed and went to touch the insect to make it jump off Bubs. Instead it jumped onto his glasses. He stood there, eyes crossed, watching the grasshopper in hysterics. I WISH I had that on video.

That last sentence proves it – I’m changin

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3 Responses to Changin’

  1. Cath says:

    Now Miss Becky! I have been thinking about you recently, and I just knew that you were the blogging type… and there you were, the first hit on google!So nice to read along and see where you guys are at now – I look forward to delving in more! And you have a baby girl! Wow. Times they are a changin’.I see that you are also a fan of the Half Pint House — I came across Megan’s blog somehow and it is one of my favourites.Anyway, love to you all from us over here! Love Cath

  2. I was JUST realizing tonight how becoming a Mother has changed me. (Well, not just that, but being a mother AND living in the COUNTRY!)Tonight I carried a worm-like creature with legs outside and dropped it outside where it could help my garden (at least that’s what I tell myself?!?!?!) I didn’t kill the cricket in my basement (largely because I know there are 25 others and it is a losing battle…I will let the sticky traps get them if that is their fate) and I let the spider crawl back under the piano when I was dusting. AND everytime I find a worm or a toad or a cool bug outside, I call for my kids to come see! (I DID, however kill the mosquito in my kitchen this evening…never any mercy for those menaces!) Just two years ago, I would have screamed and called for Nick to kill every single one of those things (well, not the toad) But now I know I can’t scream or act scared because I don’t want my kids to be scared. (That, and living in the country, the creatures just outnumber you and you can never win, so I’ve had to learn to just live WITH them.) Good for you for changing and letting God help you overcome your fear! ~annie

  3. annaj says:

    i laughed out loud at the visual of you burping repeatedly and bubba in “fits of giggles” trying to say “excuse me” – priceless


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