It’s Nice to Share

I haven’t posted a Walgreens “score” in a long time. My sister made a crack about how she doesn’t have to show off by posting pictures of all her Publix deals – – so I have been living in guilt and heaping “you shouldn’t show off” coals on my head.

Well, I am over it! I had a gal write me and tell me that this blog encouraged her to use coupons and so I say “It’s Nice to Share” ideas and “I’m Baaaaack“. Maybe you can see what I got here and replicate a deal or two where you are.

Value of Goods: $64.48
WAG and Coupon Savings: $24.54
Register Rewards: $15.50
Rebates: $14.48
Total Out of Pocket: $9.96
(it should have been $6.96 but the register guy missed two coupons
and the line had grown Looooooooong).
To learn how you too can get this razor for $.99 and the three boxes of children’s Tylenol for $3.97 just go read this post by Crystal at Money Saving Mom. You can get the cleanser, foundation and toothbrush for FREE!!
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One Response to It’s Nice to Share

  1. annaj says:

    wow, i feel so misrepresented. by the way, brice got $110 worth of groceries for $45 at publix the other day! my husband rocks!


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