Big Boy Update

I had two people ask me about potty training today and since two people were interested I am going to take for granted that the whole world wants to know. I am sure that my son’s toileting habits could hold the attention of anyone who happens by The Blue Hutch. Get ready for drama, suspense, and an element of surprise. . .

Bubba has done super! Only one pee-pee accident since we started. I have decided that this is the silver lining to having a son with a touch of OCD tendencies. He will run to the bathroom and take care of his business all by himself. He is dry through the night and naps. God is good.

I do think that Bubba’s favorite part is washing his hands. He has learned to turn the faucet on and off by himself and he thinks it is hilarious. He will go and sit on the potty JUST so he can wash his hands. (Mommy made the mistake of telling her very literal child that we don’t play in the water – water is for washing our hands after we sit on the potty. So, there you go. . .)

The . . . whatever the antithesis of silver lining is. . . of having a son with OCD tendencies is this: he learned a song about going potty that includes the line “It’s time to get some toilet paper”. Bubba HAS to use TP every time he sits on the potty or he won’t get off. Seriously! Little boys don’t need TP EVERY STINKIN‘ TIME they sit on the potty. Especially if they are JUST sitting on the potty so they can wash their hands. We are going to go through our weight in toilet paper this month at this rate.

My life IS a freak show.

“But what about the pooping?” you ask with true concern. “I have been praying,” you add with sincerity, “and can’t wait to hear about the pooping!”

Well, tonight we made progress.
Enter the drama. . .
Bubba had not pooped since Sunday and was beginning to twitch. I knew he had to go – the intermixed crying, whining, and running through the house was a giveaway. He just WOULD NOT GO on the potty. After dinner, Honey and I were talking about the day and I heard Bubba yell, “Oh no! Oh no!” and start to cry and stomp.

And now the suspense. .
We lept to our feet and dashed to the bathroom/hallway. There stood Bubba naked as could be, his underwear on the floor by the toilet. Our hearts lept – could it be?

And now for the element of surprise. . .
Alas it was not to be (poop in the potty, that is) for, to our chagrin, there on the carpet lay Bubba’s poop.

So, basically, his first poop accident was in his bed.
This poop accident was in the hallway outside the bathroom.
We ARE getting closer.
Keep praying.

I’m going to bed – I am pooped.

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2 Responses to Big Boy Update

  1. Kitty says:

    I’m totally jealous he’s dry all night. We’re not even close but, then again, Ainsley gets half her calories from milk…may explain some things.

  2. Debbie says:

    He is doing great! Hey, what’s a little toilet paper in the scheme of things :)? Glad the poop is getting closer–I just can’t believe he could not poop for 3 days–yikes!!


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