Sunday with Shelley

Yesterday was SO MUCH FUN!

I haven’t seen my friend Shelley since the last post about her. If you check that link you will see that it was posted in FEBRUARY, which I think is a sin or crime or just plain too long. Anyway, she and I have emailed back and forth about when we could see each other and catch up and she off-handedly mentioned she had two tickets to a football game “if I even liked football”. ARE YOU KIDDING???

So we met at her house and rode the Metro into the city to see the Rams play the Bills. You may have heard of the Rams – they are the butt of every football joke these days. (Get it – Rams – butt – I am HILARIOUS!) Anyway we had seats on the 50 yard line – four rows from the . . . top! It was still so great – except the Edward Jones Dome is just that – – a DOME, meaning inside with no fall winds and an “attending the circus” type atmosphere. That was disappointing.

The jalepeno cheese filled pretzel was NOT disappointing.

We left at the beginning of the fourth quarter since our beloved Rams had left their game in the locker room at half time and were now being sufficiently spanked.

We trained back to Shelleys and I got to see my first two ever episodes of John and Kate Plus Eight. OH MY WORD!!! I am adding it to our Netflix list.

So, now I have seen all three major sports teams in town: NFL, NHL, and NBL baseball (don’t know what letters they are). That’s kinda fun. Thanks, Shelley!

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3 Responses to Sunday with Shelley

  1. april says:

    I am so glad you got to go and that they actually scored this week! So proud of you!

  2. Tracie says:

    MLB – Major League Baseball. Thought I would help out! I just love your blog. I too like the pretzels at the Dome, and I also love their ‘chos there too! They have to be 1,000 calories, but they’re worth every one.

  3. Julia says:

    I am surprised that Dave N. has not made a comment that you did not know the “MLB” he must have skipped a day of reading the blog…


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