I Need Help – YOUR help

I don’t know if you remembered me mentioning that I have been going through closets and bins and cleaning out.  I have a VERY large stack of kids clothes I need to get rid of and I have an idea of how to do it; only thing is, I am not sure how to flesh it out.  (My husband is SO GOOD at this kind of thing but is kinda “out of pocket” for the next couple days – Honey if you are reading this, post a comment and help *smile*)
So, I want to get the clothes into the hands of people who need them and I want to make a few dollars to help out our family with some medical bills. . . or a new vaccum. . . or medical bills.  So, I thought I would have an online yard sale.  The clothes would then be VERY affordable (for all my seminary friends and others looking for a bargain, you kindred spirits, you), out of my house, and I have been a helper to my husband.  The bonus is that if I do it online, no one has to get up and the break of dawn and put on your fancy skimmers to come out and shop! You can shop in your jammies over toast and jam! The question is HOW do I make it a reality????
I plan to take photos of EVERYTHING.  Is that too much for Craigslist? Do I use my blog for such? Open an Etsy shop? (I really know sooo little about that)  I need ideas people.  I need YOUR help.  If you are a “commentaphob”, then please email me at thebluehutch(at)gmail(dot)com or my personal address if you know it. 
I’ll be waiting with baited breath and loaded camera.
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4 Responses to I Need Help – YOUR help

  1. Megan says:

    Here’s an idea – first off, don’t use etsy – they charge an insertion fee for everything you post PLUS a percentage of the take. Not good for yard sale stuff.I think it could work for you to host your sale on your blog, but advertise it on Craig’s list (if you don’t mind driving a lot of strange people traffic to your blog…). Send the link to your blog-sale to the Covenant email, to your church friends, I could send it to the two homeschool lists I’m on, etc. Ask your internet friends to network for you a bit. I’d be glad to help!

  2. Melanie Z. says:

    I think that’s a good idea Megan has. I’d post the pics of the clothes by gender/size/season/price. For example: Girl’s size 3T winter – $2 each. Then put pics of all that stuff and proceed to the next category. The only way this will really work, though, is if you keep it “live”…meaning that you’ll need to remove pics of items as they are sold.If you want to go the Craig’s list way, I’d sell everything in batches. For instance, take one big picture of all your girl’s size 3T winter clothes together and just price the whole batch together and try to sell it that way. It would be much less complicated than selling individual items/outfits. I’ve also seen clothes sell like this on ebay…but I think they take a cut. The good thing about Craig’s is that it keeps it local and avoids shipping.

  3. Jawan says:

    I agree with Melanie that you should sell the clothes in batches, pertaining to size, gender, and season. I usually sell my lots of clothes on EBAY but they charge an insertion fee so you might not want to do that. I’d be glad to mention your sale on my blog, too!

  4. Amanda says:

    Just a thought: if you sell stuff on your blog, make sure to mention if you will ship or not. I’m thinking not, just b/c you may have enough local traffic to sell most of it, and then you don’t have to worry about shipping. But I would shop if you’d ship! (That was a pretty cute little tag line!)


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