Changin’ Out the Closets

At the change of every season my former pastor’s wife, Pam, used to say, “I’ve got to spend next week changin’ out the closets. . . ” or “yesterday I finished changin’ out the closets. . .” This was said with a thick Mississippi accent and a brush of her bangs to emphasize that it was hard work to remove the clothes from one closet and replace them with the clothes from another.

Well, this week I have started “changin’ out the closets” (insert wiping sweat from my brow and thick sarcastic accent). In our house this is a bit tedious in that no one wears the same size they wore last fall (I was pregnant.) and our off season clothing is stored in bins, not on hangers in another closet. So, I have gotten a head start on my mom coming to clean out while trying to find 9m outfits for KB, Little’s box of 4T, and Bubba’s stack and Fall hopefuls.

It’s a bit embarrasin’ to show you our filth but I have been getting a charge  out of sifting through, sorting out,  LABELING the clothes to keep, store, and get rid of .  I took the picture from the wrong angle, but each of those bins has a nice neat label on it – Monica Geller style.  There is a stack to go straight to Goodwill, a few things for Ebay (aim high, eh?), and the other things will go on a “Yard Sale List” for the seminary gals to peruse and pick over.  Such fun!

And now we begin the weeks of wondering what to put on because the weather can’t make up it’s mind.  It has been lovely with an “abundance of sun”, according to the weather channel.  Our windows are open! I’m in the mood to pick apples.  And I know JUST the outfit Little can wear. . .

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3 Responses to Changin’ Out the Closets

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is nice that you can get rid of KB’s outfits and Bubba’s when they outgrow. I am so glad to know that I can get rid of Jack’s and that it isn’t a waste of time for me to keep Molly’s. It is so much nicer that you are in T sizes for 2 of 3 of them. That makes it so much easier. I need to do some more sorting/labeling, but I have done a good bit. Insert a nice pat on the back for me. Let’s talk soon, friend.–Marcie

  2. annaj says:

    i remember that time of year growing up. mom made us try on everything from the year before to see if it still fit. i hated that day.

  3. Debbie says:

    My girls hate that process, too, and unfortunately for them, that is on my list for either this weekend or next week. We have lots and lots of bags that we save and just keep on passing down :).


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