What Time is IT?

“It’s singing time and dancing time, and laughing time and playing time and now it is our favorite time. . . “


You may not have any idea what I am talking about but I gotta tell you, Signing Time DVDs have changed our lives for the better.  Having two special children has been stretching by any sense of the word, but sign language has really helped there to be communication where many thought there would be none.  Even Bubba, who can’t MAKE the signs, understands them and responds to them.  And, besides the practical use of signing, the DVDs are fun to watch, the songs are catchy, and my kids have learned their alphabet, colors, and how to set the table from Rachel Coleman (she’s a better mom than me! Wait a minute. . .)

I am hoping to win a copy of the two new DVDs in their Baby Signing Time collection in their Bloggers Sweepstakes! So, if you haven’t ever heard of Signing Time, go check it out. Where? Well, that’s one thing Bubba could tell you “at baby signing time dot com”.

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1 Response to What Time is IT?

  1. CC says:

    I was able to review these as well. I love Signing Times and tell all my families and patients to watch them to promote not only sign, but also verbal speech and overall communication!!


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